Tetra Cichlid Colour Pellets – 165 g


Tetra Cichlid Colour Pellets offer your colourful cichlids the ideal fish nutrition that delivers optimal protein and intensifies your fish’s colours – putting on a beautiful display for a long time to come.

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Give your cichlids the best nutrition they deserve, for a long life of carefree aquarium living. Tetra Cichlid Colour Pellets offer a complete nutritional solution – no additional food needed – that is formulated with plant and animal proteins. The formula is also intended to naturally enhance your cichlids’ bright colours – especially yellow, orange and red fish, which bring any fish tank or aquarium to life!

The Colour Pellets are edible for carnivore and omnivore cichlids, containing plant and animal proteins in the form of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and algae. They also contain a range of other nutrients to completely meet cichlids’ nutritional requirements.

Tetra Cichlid Colour Pellets are fortified with Tetra’s Active formula to help cichlids live long and healthy lives, providing years of ambient colour in your living room.

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