Tetra Cichlid Colour Mini Pellets – 170 g


Tetra Cichlid Colour Mini Pellets are specifically intended to provide optimal nutrition for small cichlids. The smaller pellet delivers perfect nutrition with every little bite, enhancing the colours of your beautiful fish!

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Not all cichlids are equal, which is why Tetra Cichlid Colour Mini Pellets offer the best nutrition for small cichlids. The pellets are packed with high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants to ensure your small cichlid species are getting all they need for optimal health.

The mini pellets offer complete nutrition so your small tropical fish are not deficient in any nutrients. This complete cichlid food also intensifies their colours – especially in the yellow, orange and red spectrum – and supports a long, healthy life with Tetra’s Active formula.

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