Tetra AlguMin (100 ml)


Quickly and effectively, get rid of algae in your fish tank or aquarium with Tetra AlguMin.

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Not only does algae make your fish tank or aquarium look dull and unhealthy, but it also upsets the delicate ecological balance in your tank, negatively affecting your water plants and fish. Too much overgrowth can cause long-term disruption, so treating algae early and quickly is best.

Does AlguMin affect fish and tank plants?

Tetra AlguMin offers fast and effective algae control yet is still gentle on the other living organisms – large and small, fish, plant and microorganisms – in your tank. Since it’s a liquid formula, AlguMin is quickly dispersed in the water and immediately gets to work on attacking algae’s metabolism and stopping them in their tracks.

Will AlguMin change the colour of the water in the aquarium?

AlguMin can be used in all freshwater tanks and aquariums and does not discolour the water. It’s best to aerate the water using an air pump and increase water oxygen while treating your aquarium with Tetra AlguMin.


  • Remove dead algae to prevent them from reducing water quality, and then focus on the long-term health of your aquarium.
  • Reduce phosphate and nitrate (these are algal nutrients that feed their growth) in your tank.

Regularly use anti-algae agents and keep your aquarium water clean by feeding your fish the optimal amounts and regularly removing fish waste.

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