SuperVet Mini/Small Breed Adult


To keep your little dog fit, healthy and happy, feed SuperVet Adult Mini.  With a little exercise and good nutrition, like SuperVet Adult Mini, your little one will have healthy skin, a glossy coat, clean teeth and will boost her immune system.

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What is SuperVet Adult Mini?

SuperVet Adult Mini is nutritious dog food for your little dog from the age of one year weighing up to 10kg.

Why should I buy this product?

SuperVet is a locally made dog food only sold by Veterinary practices and shops. SuperVet Adult Mini is a dog food with 22% protein and 12% fat and is very popular with owners of dogs with a normal to high levels of energy. The food is very digestible and leaves less than 20% of the dog food consumed by your dog to be poop scooped up by you.

Which ingredients are used in SuperVet Adult Mini?

Ground corn, rice, corn gluten meal, meat & bone meal, wheaten bran, beef and chicken fat, meat digest, sunflower oil, canola oil, chicory root extract (source of FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and approved antioxidants added.

From what age can my dog eat SuperVet Adult Mini?

Your little one can start eating SuperVet Adult Mini from the age of 12 months to 7 years of age.

What does SuperVet Adult Mini contain?

SuperVet Adult mini contains all the right nutrients like protein, fat, fibre Omega 6 and Omega 3 ration, Vitamins and Minerals — everything to keep your little one healthy and happy.

What makes SuperVet different from other pet food companies?

Supervet is a range of dog food sold exclusively through veterinary practices and shops, and came about as the owners of SuperVet identified a need for an alternative local premium food of high quality, where all raw materials are tested prior to inclusion in the products, where gluten and other processed plant proteins are limited as far as possible.

Supervet will not compromise on quality and availability.

Supervet Dog Food, in partnership with, have launched a campaign to help fight against the Rhino poaching scourge in South Africa. For every 20 Kg of SuperVet premium dog food you buy at participating Vets and Vet Shops, they will donate R5,00 towards

What is the best way to store your SuperVet dog food?

Storing your dog food in plastic, glass or metal bins will help protect your dog food from the elements and insects, rodents and other vermin.  You should buy the food, in its original packaging into the bin. Store off the floor in a cool and dry area.

What are the package sizes available?

SuperVet Adult Mini is available in an 8kg and 1.85kg

Do Vets recommend SuperVet?

The owners are Dr Hendrik Meyer, a veterinary surgeon in private practice, and JCW Petfoods (Pty) Limited, a company that has manufactured quality pet food for more than a decade.

Dr Meyer was the originator of Vets Choice and is a known expert in pet nutrition, who together with Riana Durham, a well-known South African nutritionist, formulated SuperVet.

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Weight 1.85 kg
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Skin & coat health: Contains a balanced blend of Omega 6:3 fatty acids, as well as added zinc and biotin for a healthy skin & glossy coat

Anti-oxidants: Contains a blend of anti-oxidants (Vitamin E & selenium) to boost immunity and help protect cells from damage by scavenging free radicals.

Dental Health: The shape and texture of the kibble encourages mechanical brushing during chewing action.

Feeding Guidelines

Please check packaging for details


Ground corn, Poultry meal (min 17.5%), rice (min 15%), corn gluten meal, meat & bone meal, wheaten bran, beef and chicken fat, meat digest, sunflower oil, canola oil, chicory root extract (source of FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and approved anti-oxidants added.



Min or Max
















Linoleic Acid



Omega 6 : 3 Ratio

5 – 10 : 1


Vitamin E










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