Supa-Chew Polar Fleece Assorted Colours

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The lightweight, warm and soft Supa-Chew Polar Fleece dog blanket is 100% machine washable, making them ideal for keeping your favoured four-legged family member comfortable and happy. Your pet baby is bound to also love the fact that the Supa-Chew Polar Fleece Dog blanket comes in assorted colours, so why not get more than one?

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Everyone likes a blanket, right? How could you not? Blankets, like the Supa-Chew Polar Fleece dog blanket, will provide life-sustaining warmth and a degree of comfort to your doggie that the open-air could just never give. However, the reason why dogs like blankets can get a little more interesting than that.

Though there are countless online footage videos of dogs taking a blanket and laying it over them, which by the way is super adorable, it is far more common for dogs to simply lay on them. Regardless of how they interact with the blanket though, they certainly seem to gravitate towards having a favourite blankie.

Dog blankets are also handy for just about anything, from placing a blanket in a dog’s bed for extra warmth or to cover the bed with a blanket and so save on washing the bed too often. Or maybe you want to cover your car seats to stop hair and dirt getting onto your car seat covers.

Supa-Chew Polar Fleece Blankets are woven from a very soft acrylic blend. A best seller during winter.

Supa-Chew Polar Fleece Blankets are available in 3 sizes: 75 x 75 cm, 150 x 100 cm and 152 x 152 cm.



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  • 100% Machine washable;
  • 3 different sizes (75 x 75, 150 x 100 and 152 x 152);
  • Woven from soft acrylic blend.

1 review for Supa-Chew Polar Fleece Assorted Colours

  1. cherissegn

    It is a very thin blanket. I know it says polar fleece, which is known to be quite thin, but this is as thin as it could go. I preferred the other blanket I purchased which was a little smaller than this but was cheaper and much thicker.

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