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Have you just gotten a new adorable little puppy, but dread the house training expedition? Well, now you can sidestep the doodoo a little and slip less with the new Sprogley Puppy Training Spray. It is scientifically formulated with pheromones that will captivate your pup’s olfactory and guide him to aim at a more appropriate spot. Sprogley Puppy Training Spray, used daily, will enhance house training and keep you focused on more treasured moments. As easy as shake and spray! Make sure your pup lifts his leg where it matters the least! Remember to bring your pup to the spot after nap, eat and drinking times and when he does do it right, always reward with praise. Happy parent – Happy home- Happy pup.

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Parental advice: Most of us just love to bring that new adorable little puppy home, but the excitement of those days can easily be dimmed by the dreadful house training expedition. Tired of sidestepping the doodoo? Want to end the slipping on tiles after mister was there, or even worse, needing to clean up the fluffy carpet?

Life just got easier with Sprogley Puppy Training Spray. This scientifically designed spray will attract your pup to do his thing wherever you found the best place to spray the Sprogley Puppy Training Spray. The Sprogley Training Puppy Spray has a pheromone scent that will encourage your pup to pass urine at the location where the product has been sprayed. Great news, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, what a joy!

Now, if you used the Sprogley Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads, you will especially find this product helpful as it has the same consistency in just a more concentrated form, which will enhance the transition from indoors to outdoors. Sprogley Puppy Training Spray will enhance house training and keep you to those treasured moments.

Shake and spray – and remember to reward those good aims in the right direction. Praise goes a long way together with that kibble. Reapply daily and bring your puppy to the acceptable sprayed spot (after eating/napping/drinking).


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