Sprogley Bird Chain Slinger Toy


There are three things any bird loves: to hang, swing and chew. The Bird Chain Slinger Toy is designed to provide your bird with the things he loves. This bird chain toy is an excellent, entertaining toy that guarantees hours of enjoyment and delight!

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The Bird Chain Slinger Toy is another exciting bird toy proudly designed by Sprogley. This handmade bird chain toy has everything your bird is looking for! The dangling charms offer a great diversity in colour and texture to stimulate curiosity! This bird chain toy will brighten up any habitat and surely catch the eye of your feathered friend.

Similar to cats and dogs, birds also enjoy playing with toys. Bird toys provide mental stimulation and a form of entertainment. Birds and other energetic pets like Quaker parrots must be entertained, or they may get bored and act out negatively. The best way to conquer this is by providing your bird with an amusing toy like the bird chain that keeps him mentally and physically active.

The Bird Chain Slinger is made with lightweight, durable, non-toxic material. The chain links are light and hang perfectly with wooden blocks on the ends. Just hook the toy on any bird cage with the plastic hook, sit back and watch your bird play away!

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for small to medium birds and parrots.
  • A lightweight, durable and long-lasting toy.
  • All bird-safe materials.
  • It can be hung in the birdcage for decoration.
  • It is suitable for birds’ physical and mental health.
  • Durable and sturdy materials.

Additional information

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Usefil Tips

  • Supervise birds at play.
  • Be sure to fill your parrot cages with lots of wood to chew for optimum beak health!


Non-toxic material, all-natural wood


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