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When your dog is itching and scratching, it might just be that he has a flea infestation. The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb will aid you in getting rid of the culprits. The comb is convenient when you have a little pup who is too young to be exposed to anti-parasite treatments. Combing your pet daily is helpful in detecting and removing fleas, ticks, eggs and debris from his coat in a non-intrusive way.

The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb will help you keep your dog’s coat healthy and sheen. Using this perfectly crafted comb with a firm grip and fine-spaced tooth will allow you to gently and effectively remove fleas, eggs and debris one stroke at a time.

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Seeing your dog restless, itching, scratching and biting to rid himself of an agonising sensation is heartbreaking and unsettling.

The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb is a flea and dust comb perfect for your pet grooming kit. It is specifically crafted to remove fleas and their eggs from your pet’s coat. It is designed for short and long-haired pets and consists of a comfortable soft handle that renders a firm grip to the groomer.

Grooming and combing your pet daily is an excellent way to inspect and ensure that his skin and coat are in perfect condition. It gives you the chance to check for any ticks or fleas while keeping your dog’s coat sheen and soft. At the same time, it offers you the opportunity to spend quality time with your pet while gently strengthening your bond one stroke at a time. Grooming your dog will ease his discomfort and aid him in having healthier skin and becoming a happier dog.

The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb features a fine tooth spacing that enables it to catch ticks, fleas, eggs, dead skin, and debris while grooming. It helps to rid your dog of unnecessary irritation, allergies, swollen skin, and possible hair loss patches caused by parasites.

The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb is a grey and black comb that measures 4 cm x 19 cm.

Tips for using the comb:

Feel free to use the Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb on puppies who are not old enough to use flea-preventative products or senior pets who do not groom themselves anymore.

Use the comb on a dry coat.

When grooming a dog with a long or curly coat, make sure first to brush it with a regular brush, ensuring that you rid him of all mats and knots before utilising the flea comb. This will help the comb to glide gently through the coat and catch the fleas and eggs.

Be sure to clean the comb after every use.

The Smart Choice Small Tooth Grooming Comb can be used in conjunction with anti-parasite treatments.

How to use the comb effectively:

  • Begin at the head, neck and shoulders and comb in short strokes, working your way towards their back and tail in the direction of the fur growth; brush slowly and gently.
  • Brush under the belly, under the chin and the tail, too. Note that fleas like to hide in armpits, near the groin area, around the neck, at the base of the ear, and around the base of the tail.

Check for fleas in your dog’s coat and get rid of fleas that remain on the comb:

  • Have a container with warm, soapy water to dunk the comb after every few strokes to wash off and kill the adult fleas and trap the eggs.
  • Groom your dog outside or in a bathtub. When grooming him inside, make sure to do it on a tile floor and vacuum the area afterwards.
  • If you are not sure that any dirt on your comb is from a flea infestation, dunk the comb in soapy water or wipe it on a wet paper towel to expose it – the flea dirt will turn red. Flea dirt is the digested blood that fleas leave behind.

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