Smart Choice Self Cat Grooming & Play Arch


Your Kit-Cat will purr with delight when she sees this Smart Choice Self Cat Grooming & Play Arch with catnip and hanging toy. This unique cat toy doubles up as a self-groomer and a toy.

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The Smart Choice Self Cat Grooming & Play Arch features a carpet scratchpad and an arch with bristles for self-grooming. The hanging mouse toy, filled with catnip, will reduce shedding and scratching.

What is the best part of this Smart Choice Self Cat Grooming & Play Arch? You don’t have to lift a finger! Your feline friend can simply walk through the arch, and the bristles will do the rest!

Kittens, mature and senior cats benefit from regular grooming sessions, and this self-groomer is purrrfect for cats of all ages!

Cats devote a large part of their day to cleaning and conditioning their coat. The more hair removed and brushed off your kitty cat, the less hair your cat will swallow – so fewer hairballs.

The Smart Choice Self Cat Grooming & Play Arch is made with the best quality materials and with special attention to detail for best results. The construction of the arch is solid and steady.

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Weight 0.70 kg
Shipping dimensions 37 × 28.5 × 30 cm

Smart Choice

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Volumetric weight 6.33 kg


  • Includes catnip;
  • Suitable to all cats breeds and sizes;
  • Double action self-groom and play.


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