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Simple Solution Male Diaper Wrap

R173.00 - R343.00 List price: R183.00 - R362.00

Simple Solutions Male Diaper Wrap is an ideal solution for male dogs who suffer from urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and male marking issues.

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  • Provides super absorbent, long-lasting protection, specifically designed for dogs.
  • Made from lightweight microfiber fabric and have adjustable strips to provide a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The belly band has a moisture-wicking liner to protect skin and coat, super-absorbent microfiber pad, and a plastic liner for leak protection.


  • Small – Weight: Up to 6 kg, Waist: 20 – 48 cm
  • Medium – Weight: 6 – 20 kg, Waist: 33 – 53 cm
  • Large – Weight: 15 – 40 kg, Waist: 45 – 88 cm

Simple Solution


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  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION – Our medium size Simple Solution Washable Male Dog Diaper Wraps in stylish teal are for male dogs 15 – 45 pounds, or 16.5-21 inch waist. Soft, breathable stretch fabric provides comfort for your dog, while repositionable tabs provide a secure fit.
  • LOCKS IN MOISTURE – The super absorbent core of these diapers lock in moisture, while the stretch waistband allows even the wiggliest of boy dogs to move around while staying dry. Plus, the leak-proof liner protects his skin and coat.
  • DON’T GET STUCK – With our Fur-Friendly FastenersĀ®, your male dog’s fur won’t get stuck to the folds of the wrap, which makes attaching and removing the wrap safe and easy.
  • USEFUL AND VERSATILE – Made for male dogs that are house training or who experience excitable urination, incontinence, or male marking issues. Makes traveling with such a dog way less stressful.
  • SECURE AND CASUAL – These belly bands provide superior mobility for your little guy, which keeps him relaxed and safe from messes. For female dogs, try our Simple Solution Washable Female Diapers.


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