Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig


The Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig are great snacks for guinea pigs and bring many benefits to the table. These pinkish, tasty snacks are healthy, yummy, super adorable and have no added sugars. Your furry baby will be safe and happy with his new favourite treat. Show your guinea pig how much you care about him.

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The Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig is an excellent way for you to treat your guinea pig. These treats are made with Timothy hay and thyme, so your furry friend really gets that Meadow taste. This product is suitable for guinea pigs, degus, rabbits and chinchillas. You can feed your sweet furry friend 2 – 4 treats per day, all depending on his size. These treats are baked treats made fresh from the Supreme bakery, with quality in every bite.

These Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig treats are rich in all kinds of natural ingredients. It contains 14% fibre that will help to support dental and digestive wellbeing in your small furry friend. There are no artificial colours or any added sugars in this treat. Remember to store in a cool, dry place before and after opening the packaging.

The Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig is a perfect hand-feeding, interactional treat and is great for bonding. Veterinarians recommend this treat so you know it’s good to use for your pet. These yummy treats contain linseeds, a natural source of Omega 3 & 6 that will leave your guinea pig with a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Always provide your pet with access to fresh hay and drinking water.

The Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Guinea Pig is available in 80 g recyclable packaging.

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