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Royal Canin Sphynx Adult

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The Sphynx is an interesting breed – they lack a coat, and therefore they like being inside and protected, rather than being exposed to cold, heat or rain. They have an active metabolism to control their body temperature – a high-energy diet is essential (especially during winter) to maintain the right body temperature. Royal Canin Feline Sphynx Adult is all your adult cat over a year needs.

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The right high-energy content and a formula supporting cardiac function and healthy skin is Royal Canin’s tailor-made solution for adult Sphynx cats. This famous breed is not seen very often, as they like to recline inside, their furless coat not particularly enjoying the weather outside. This said, they are lively and playful felines that even love to socialise with dogs. Their quick metabolism maintains their body temperature, and therefore a diet rich in energy is prescribed.

Buy Royal Canin Sphynx dry food containing all sorts of goodies like borage oil, biotin, vitamin A, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and zinc for skin health. The taurine and L-carnitine in the formula improves heart health. The food contains 23% more fat as this naked cat needs more energy than other breeds.

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