Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty Pouch


Your cat might need an extra helping of the right nutrients to give his dull coat a lift. These wet food chunks in gravy were specifically formulated for cats whose hair tends to look dull and whose skin is sensitive. The beauty pouch targets beautiful hair for all cats older than one year.

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The Feline Intense Beauty Pouch formula contains an increased amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (fish oil), zinc, biotin, vitamin B and trace elements to bring back the shine and nourish your pet’s skin and fur. Seeing that a cat’s coat reflects his inner health, you’ll know your cat is fit and healthy when his fur is silky and shiny. Should beauty pouch not help address your cat’s dull fur, then you know something is seriously wrong, and you can take action.

The chunks in this pouch will provide the right amount of calories, and it nourishes the hair. It has the added benefit of being tasty.

Nutritional Benefits of Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty Pouch:

  • Shiny Hair Complex – It nourishes the fur and increases the shine through an increased supply of omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B, zinc, biotin and trace elements.

  • Healthy Urinary System – Helps to reduce the concentration of the minerals which can lead to urinary stones.

  • Optimal Healthy vitality – Provides all the necessary nutrients.

  • Moderate Energy content – Has a high content of essential fatty acids to promote beaming health and moderate energy content that helps to maintain an ideal weight.

  • Macro Nutrient Profile – It signifies optimal proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for long-term acceptance.

Ingredients and Additives:

Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, sugar (max. 0.5%).

Zinc (50 mg/kg), manganese (10 mg/kg), iodine (0,5 mg/kg), selenium (0,11 mcg/kg), iron (46 mg/kg), copper (10 mg/kg), vitamin A (35.000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (140 IU/kg), vitamin E (30 mg/kg), vitamin B1 thiamine (3 mg/kg), vitamin B2 riboflavin (5 mg/kg), vitamin B5 pantothenic acid (34 mg/kg), vitamin B6 pyridoxine (1 mg/kg), vitamin B12 cobalt (0,03 mcg/kg), vitamin B3 niacin (230 mg/kg), biotin (0,5 mcg/kg), folic acid (1 mg/kg), choline (690 mg/kg), taurine (500 mg/kg).

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