Rosewood Woodies 3D Carrot


With this Rosewood Woodies 3D Carrot, you can combine playtime with feed time and engage your rabbits and small animals in highly energised interactive play.

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Create an environment of gnawing and rolling fun to ensure that your rabbits and small animals are always having an eventful time in the garden. 

Made out of animal-safe material, the Rosewood Woodies 3D Carrot is the best way to ensure that your rabbits and small animals are always entertained while snacking on their favourite fruits and vegetables.

The Woodies 3D Carrot is the ideal accessory for your rabbits and animals to play around within the garden. The fruit and vegetable bits you stuff between the wedges are also an excellent way to distract them from destroying your plants.  

Its creative design not only makes the Woodies 3D Carrot a great toy to ensure that your small animals are having an eventful time but also a creative way to ensure that they are having an equal amount of fun while eating.

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Weight 0.112 kg





Boredom Buster

Made from pet safe materials.

Helps keep your rabbit or small animal’s teeth trimmed and clean.

Ideal chewing toy for rabbits and small animals.


Can slot pieces of fruits and vegetables between the wedges.

For Rabbits and Small Animals


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