Rosewood Shred-a-log Small Animal Tunnel


Give your small pet his little hide-out tunnel where he can enjoy his time nibbling, nesting, resting or socialising. The Rosewood Shred-a-log is a small animal cage accessory that will stimulate and entertain your pet for hours on end. The log-like tunnel, made with merged corrugated cardboard, is pet-safe and suited for small animals with the instinct to burrow. The Rosewood Shred-a-log is a lovely way to keep your small pet mentally and physically entertained while he finds himself a new little burrow he can call his own.


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Hamsters and other small animals just love tunnels! In the wild, small animals often have burrows where they live, sleep and socialise. It is a hide-out where they can feel secure; therefore, tunnels are strongly recommended for small animal cages.

The Rosewood Shred-a-log is a stylish, fun, log-like tunnel designed with merged corrugated cardboards that will keep your small pet engaged and entertained in many ways. Hide treats in between some hay to create a little maze in which he can forage his treats, or have it as a place he can crawl unto to get a better view or simply use it as a fun tunnel for him to store food, rest or socialise in. It makes for a secure hideout.

The Rosewood Shred-a-log tunnel is fashioned with corrugated cardboard, which is perfectly safe for your small animal to chew on; it will even aid his dental health, ensuring that his teeth won’t grow too sharp.

The Rosewood Shred-a-log is best suited for hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils.

The Rosewood Shred-a-log tunnel comes in the size of 18 x 9.5 cm.

The Rosewood Shred-a-log Tunnel is a versatile toy that can even be used by your parakeets and parrots as a cage accessory when it is slid over their perch or hung from a cord. 

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Small Animals


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