Rosewood Salon Grooming Coarse Comb


The Rosewood Salon Grooming Coarse Comb is suitable for all coat types. It has an ergonomic handgrip which makes it easy to remove knots and tangles from your dog or cat’s coat.

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Key Benefits:

  • Removes loose hair and dirt from the coat
  • Ideal for combing through knots and tangles and identifying matted areas

How to use:

Both you and your pet need to be comfortable, so grooming is enjoyable for both of you.

Run the comb through your pet’s coat applying no more pressure than you would brush your hair.

Allow the teeth to tease through any tangles in the coat gently.

At the end of your grooming session, spray your pet’s coat with an anti-tangle spray.  This will keep your pet’s coat in good condition and help make any tangles easier to comb out in the future

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