Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath


Want to give your little hamster a treat he’ll never forget? Then spoil him with a one of a kind Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath, a natural and fun sand bath that’s ready to open up a whole new world of fun and excitement for your little one! Show them you care.

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Looking to put a fun spin on a sand bath for your adorable hamster, gerbil, dwarf hamster, Syrian or degus? Then why not try a Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath and spoil your dear little one. What is a sand bath, you might ask? A sand bath is a great way for your little friend to relax, roll around in, cool down and destress from a long day.

This product comes with a bag of special sepiolite bathing sand, which will be kinder and softer to your little rodent’s fur. The sepiolite bathing sand will help to absorb excess oils on your furry friend and leave him happier and healthier than ever before. The Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath is a great way for small rodents to ”wash up” and have a cooling sand bath to enjoy.

The sides of this bath box are 100% edible and made out of meadow hay, so your sweetie can have a treat while relaxing all day! This sand bath is a clever twist on the more traditional metal or plastic sand bath tray. This bath is also way more fun, natural and eco-friendly.

The Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath is approximately 19 x 12 x 8 cm.

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