Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks


Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks, infused with 100% Bavarian-grown natural catnip, will mentally and dentally benefit your feline. The Rosewood Naturals Catnip Stick is a mood enhancer that invites active play, aids oral health and pilots a fresher breath.

Entice your sedentary cat to explore, forage and play.

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Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks is lovely to entice sedentary cats to active play. The Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks are made from 100% natural Bavarian-grown catnip that releases an aroma that encourages felines to explore, forage and play.

Catnip herb activates the release of nepetalactone which sets off a euphoric reaction, as to a pheromone, leading to extreme happiness that overflows into relaxation.

Stalking, pouncing and batting the Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks promote active play and improve their mood. The catnip releases an aroma that triggers the release of nepetalactone, which leads to extreme happiness that overflows into relaxation.

The Rosewood Naturals Catnip Sticks have dimensions of 3 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm. Paw-some sticks with the aroma that will activate a purr-fect mood.

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