Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant


Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant is a soft plush with crinkle ears and squeaker that will keep your dog happily entertained. Enrich your dog’s toy experience this holiday season with the Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant and show him how much you care.

The R-Elephant toy to spoil your pet with this holiday season. Classy – Soft – Entertaining.

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Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant is a well-sized snazzy dressed grey elephant plush which will be a great comfort toy and play pal for your four-pawed friend this festive season. The Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant is the perfect indoor safari friend made with soft grey plush which will allow your four paws to easily carry him around everywhere he goes. The Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant is cleverly designed with crinkle ears and a squeaker snugly fitted inside his body to entice and intrigue your dog’s senses to lure him to some physical and mental entertainment, especially for the moments you can’t be there to play fetch.

Whether your dog chooses to nuzzle, paw or carry Elton around or whether he snuggles up with his cuddly friend; whether you hide Elton for him to find or throw him to be fetched, Elton is the perfect character to enrich your friend’s life with this holiday.

The Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant has dimensions of 28 cm x 20 cm x 28 cm and weighs 240 g.

Be advised that the Rosewood Maxi Elton Elephant is a classy fellow and though his soft body allows your pooch to carry him along to his heart’s content, Elton is not designed for aggressive chewing.

Please be advised to check all your dog’s toys this festive season and remove and replace the worn-out toys. Broken toys are hazardous to your pet. But a dog without toys might get bored and mischievous. Enrich your dog’s life with a variety of toys that will conquer boredom, depression and stress. Dispensing toys chew toys and plush toys are good for keeping your fur friend happily engaged at all times.

The R-elephant toy for the festive season. The sounds will have him all ears.

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Weight 0.240 kg
Shipping dimensions 28 × 20 × 28 cm





Volumetric weight 3.14 kg


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