Rosewood Jolly Doggy Giggle Ball


With its built-in giggler and soft ridges for dental enhancement, the Rosewood Jolly Doggy Giggle Ball is one of the best dog toys you can invest in for your pooch.

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With this Jolly Doggy Giggle Ball, you can help your dog develop strong and healthy teeth and gums every time they play with this interactive and highly entertaining toy. 

Made from a tough, durable material and complete with soft dental ridges, the Jolly Doggy Giggle Ball is ideal to be used as a throw-and-retrieve toy and will release a giggle sound that will keep your dog fascinated and engaged in hours of endless play.

This toy is ideal for when you are looking for a toy that is both a good dog teething toy and a  fun sound toy that your dog will keep coming back to.

Because of its small, portable nature, the Jolly Doggy Giggle Ball can be taken with on park walks, vacations or kept for outdoor at-home play. To clean, simply wipe the ball with a warm wet cloth and disinfectant and then leave it to dry. 

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Volumetric weight 0.36 kg

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Dental Ridges

Built-In Giggler


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