Rosewood Crinkle Activity Tunnel Small


Do you want to help your small pet bust some beardom, or do you want to bond with them while playing a game or two? Then why not get the Rosewood Crinkle Activity Tunnel for your hamster so he can play hide-and-seek or tag-and-run to his little heart’s content. Tunnels aren’t just meant for the big kids!

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Try something totally new and different to keep your tiny furry friend entertained! Why not try the Rosewood Crinkle Activity Tunnel? Why should all the bigger animals get all the fun? You can bring so much fun and excitement into your home for your pet to enjoy. You’ve heard of cat tunnels and dog tunnels, but have you ever heard of a small animal tunnel?

The Rosewood Crinkle Activity Tunnel is a two-piece tunnel, both measuring 90 cm in length, making them perfect for most sized playpens. You can use this tunnel indoors or outdoors, and the polyester fabric is easy to wipe clean. These pop-up fabric tunnels are supplied with a removable mattress and run ties. This product, unlike others, can be joined together using built-in velcro fastenings, making the two tunnels one.

The Rosewood Crinkle Activity Tunnel is best suited for small animals. Your little hamster will love running, hiding, sleeping or taking shelter in this cute tunnel. Let your little one enjoy games of hide-and-seek and loads more with a tunnel that’s made just for them!

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