Rosewood Candy Cane W/Rope Core XL


The Rosewood Candy Cane W/Rope Core XL is the most adorable Candy Cane any large breed dog will love. It features a rope inner that gives it great longevity when playing a game of toss or tug, yet it has a soft outer, gentle on the teeth when gnawing on it and perfect for cuddling up next to it after play.

Get your big friend a big “treat” this festive season that will fill up his love tank with interactive bonding time, a squeaker for extra fun with no sweet stuff to add to any dental cavities,

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The Rosewood Candy Cane W/Rope Core XL is a super-big and super-cute candy cane dog toy that will make a perfect gift for your canine this festive season. The Candy Cane has the most adorable embroidered facial features, wicky eyes, and flush cheeks. Perfect for playing toss and retrieve. Sturdy for a game of tug of war and perfectly soft for cuddling up with after play. This cane features a hidden squeaker to excite your dog during the festive season.

The Rosewood Candy Cane W/Rope Core XL is fitted with a durable rope core that gives it excellent longevity. It is suited for larger dog breeds and stands up to tough chewers. Yet, it is soft and easy on your dog’s mouth and teeth.

Always be a good pet parent and check your dog’s toy collection for broken and worn-out toys. Remove and replace broken ones, and be sure to replace them. Toys are an essential part of our canine’s physical and emotional wellness.

The Rosewood Candy Cane W/Rope Core XL is 20 cm x 7 cm x 44 cm.

Give your dog the red and white striped cane to endure his gnawing sprees.

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