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Showing all 3 results

Robust a Ball was created in South Africa to meet the need for rigorous play by large, powerful dogs. The originators of the brand were frustrated by watching their dogs destroy other ‘extreme’ toys, so the Robust a Ball range is the result of their design and development endeavour.

There are a range of sizes of Robust a Ball to meet the needs and mouths of different sized pets. The original Robust a Ball is around the size of a soccer ball and is designed with holes in it to give pets something to bite onto and to paw and push around. This versatile toy is even enjoyed by smaller breed dogs, but the sizing guidelines will depend on your dog’s propensity for extreme play.

These dog balls are made with food-grade plastic, making them perfectly safe for demanding play. They provide all the mental and physical stimulation that pets need to reduce boredom and keep them fully engaged.