Rosewood Little Nippers Rascal Roo

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The Rosewood Little Nippers Rascal Roo is an excellent toy to gently aid your young puppy’s itching gums with its soft, plush body and durable rubber sides. It is cleverly fitted with a hidden squeaker for interactive play and a pouch to intrigue your pup in foraging some treat rewards to keep him occupied for longer. Gifting your puppy small, portable, and lightweight dental-safe toys will keep them captivated, stimulated, and healthily occupied while keeping his little mouth busy with more appropriate chewing options.

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Getting a new puppy comes with a lot of responsibility, and being there for him when he is in his teething phase is just one of those times when strategy is needed to keep him from getting himself into trouble. Itching gums can quickly develop unhealthy habits of chewing on things they shouldn’t, and as pet owners, we can establish alternative outlets that can soothe and care for our little pup’s dental and mental wellness.

Rosewood Little Nippers Rascal Roo is a multi-coloured and multi-textured toy that will keep your puppy entertained and stimulated as he satisfies his urge to chew and ease his itching gums. It is fitted with a little pouch where little treats can be hidden to captivate his attention further and occupy him for longer in some interactive, wholesome playtime.

The little fellow features an embroidered brown nose and sparkly little eyes with side wings made of durable rubber. Its soft and cuddly body is lovely for gentle play, and a hidden squeaker is an excellent add-on for keeping your puppy engaged and entertained.

This little Rosewood Little Nippers Rascal Roo is part of a range of toys constructed for teething puppies. It is designed to be soft, safe, durable, and a lot of fun.

Keep your pup’s tail wagging and his itching gums soothed, and aid him through the teething phase in a pleasurable way.

The Little Rosewood Little Nippers measures ‎7 cm x 12 cm x 18 cm and weighs 20 g. It is suitable for Small Breeds.

All Rosewood plush toys are stitched with care and well constructed, yet no toys are indestructible. Look for worn and damaged toys and remove and replace them with new, interactive, and colourful ones that will keep your puppy happily entertained.

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