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Who can resist a delicious meal of covered with tasty gravy and all things nice? Yummy! You four-legged buddy will love it too. Give your dog a covering (not too much) of sauce or gravy over their kibbles, and see them gobble up their meal that they used to eat with very little enthusiasm.

Montego Sauce for dogs is a South African first, it was formulated to add extra health benefits like added support for your dog’s skin and coat and their joint and cartilage and to break the routine of a sometimes boring dry kibble. Their flavours of gravy have definitely got a South African taste to them, Grilled Steak, Roast lamb, Roast Chicken and delicious Boerewors. Go ahead give it a squeeze, your dog will love it!

Marltons has a barking good gravy range which your dog will love too, the gravy comes in a variety of flavours to suit your dog’s South African taste, like Biltong and Oxtail and of course, delicious grilled chicken.

Whatever gravy or sauce you choose your four dog’s next meal, the delicious taste will keep your dogs healthy, happy and full of wags.