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Yummy for your dog’s tummy. Dog biscuits and crunchy treats are a tasty addition, over and above your dog’s daily meal.  Biscuit and crunchy treats are usually baked hard to give your dog a good gnawing action that will keep their teeth pearly white, meaning there is more in it for your dog other than the delicious taste. Give your dog a crunchy biscuit treat to show him how much you love him, because we know he loves you unconditionally. Watch your dog’s reaction when that treat comes out of the box, the tail will not stop wagging until that biscuit treat is in the belly.

Beyond the taste your dog will love, you also get a range of treats that have been manufactured to support specific conditions. It’s like tricking your dog into taking their medicine, they love the taste like a treat but it works on the condition at the same time. Kyron HealthiTreats are designed to help your dog with skin and joint issues or for your mature and senior dogs. Probono has biscuit treats that will satisfy your small to large dogs, or your sensitive dog and even for your overweight pooch and we can not forget about your little puppy that you have just brought home.

All the biscuit and crunchy dog treats on Pet Hero, are packed with love and care and they are all designed for the smaller mouths of your little Toy Pom to the big chops of your giant Great Dane. Go ahead make their day with a tasty, crunchy biscuit treat.