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Dog treats come in all shapes and sizes, and are suitable for a variety of situations, whether it is for training, good behaviour, dental care or for a little tasty snack.  Whichever one, it will create loads of excitement in your dog.

Pet Hero has a selection of dog treats across a range of premium brands, including Hill’s Eukanuba, Probono, Montego, Whimzees and Wizerbones to name but a few, offering a taste that every dog will love, whether your dog is giant, large, medium, small or teeny weeny. Even if your dog is fat or thin, still a little puppy or even if your dog has some smelly breath, we have the right treat for you and more importantly, the right treat for your dog. Our dog treats include dental treats, crunchy biscuit treats, soft and chewy treats and scrumptious sauces or gravies that can be added to your dog’s normal meal. So whether you are training your dog or just wanting to spoil him because you love him, we at Pet Hero, will have that nutritious, delicious, tasty treat your dog will love.