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Exciting!!  You all going on a trip or it is off to the vet. Either way, you will need to get you car ready for the outing.  Car seat cover, dog ramp or a wooden ladder (Still to come) to help your old  friend into the car.  If you’re not going too far the window can stay open but if it’s a long trip, a window shield is a good product to have, this prevents them from jumping out of the window.  Remember to buckle up, and don’t forget your furry friend to, Rogz has a seat belt clip that a seat belt can be threaded though and the clip clips onto your dog’s collar or harness, keeping them safe and secure, and it prevents them from moving in and out of the front, bothering you while you are driving.

You don’t have to have all those necessary products if it is just you in the car going off to work.  You can advertise what a proud mom or dad you are with Billabone’s On Board Signs.