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Do you always take your dog on holiday with you, or is this the first time and it is going to be a whole new experience for you?

Does your dog get stressed out when you take him in the car, even if it is a short trip? Pet Hero has a few products that will help keep him calm. Check out the category Stress and Anxiety under Care and Health, these products are homeopathic, and works wonders, but if you need something stronger, it is best to see your vet first.

There are so many things you can take along to make you and your dog’s holiday stress free. Dog food is your number one choice, please don’t forget this especially if it is a prescription diet, medication is another. Travel bowls for water and food, the beco travel bowl is easy to store as it folds into itself, making it easy to pack away.  Pet Hero’s First Aid Kit, is a must have, as it has all the basic wound treatment you may need, yes, you can use it on yourself. 

If you have a little dog, it is best to keep the little one in a carrier, the Road Runner 2 is well ventilated, so enough air can circulate around the carrier.

Don’t forget his favourite toys, treats and blankets, this will make him more comfortable and is less likely to stress out, especially if his own smells are on them. If you are going somewhere, where you can swim, we have life jackets that will protect your dog, dogs are usually natural swimmers, but it is best to be safe.