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If you have a dog that is constantly wanting to go out, whether it is to relieve themselves or to just go outside, you will need to get a dog door installed. Your dog can let themselves in or out, no more up and down for you. Give them the freedom of choosing where to be, in or out?

Allowing your dog to come and go as they like, there will be less behavioural issues as the freedom to come and go provides exercise and a relief from boredom.

We have a selection of dog doors, the Staywell Original dog door is for your average dog big or small, for the boisterous dogs, that like to fly through the dog door the Staywell aluminium pet door is perfect for them. Then there is the magnetic dog door, here your pet wears a collar that allows him and not his friends into the house.

Dogmate comes in small to large dog doors and an Electromagnetic small door.  All dog doors are lockable for security.