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Dogs love to snuggle somewhere warm and comfortable and nothing beats a good blanket. Keeping your dog snug and warm in winter, is not very hard to do, especially with the selection of blankets we have on Pet Hero.  

We have soft, cosy blankets for you and your dogs. Yes, You. The blankets we stock on Pet Hero are cosy and warm and will work wonders for you, either in front of the tv or in the office, wrapped around your legs.

Sesli is a very well know manufacturer of blankets in South Africa. Their dog blankets are off cuts from human sized blankets, soft, woven to perfection, and comfortable.

PetSA has a double layer fleece blanket that is large enough to wrap yourself in it and they will definitely keep you warm. Wag World’s blankies come in lovely colours and once again are fit for you and your dog.

Whether it’s you or your dog that you are looking to keep warm, Pet Hero is the place to shop for all your household blankets.