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We all like our home comforts, and so do your furry friends.  Keeping your dog comfortable and warm will mean you will have a long time with your happy four-legged friends. Pet Hero provides you and your dogs the best of home comforts from beds and blankets to dog doors.  

Make sure your dog has a comfortable soft bed that they can call their own and to feel safe and secure, and it will help you, as a dog bed or mattress will keep the dog hair in one place.

We have beds that will suit any dog, your small breed will love Wag World’s Cupcakes or Snugs fleecy bed, and your large or giant breed will love the Paw x4 mattress and for your dog with sore joints or has just had an orthopedic operation, the Dog-o-Pedic bed will do just wonders for him.

Petsa have lovely, soft double layered fleece blankets and Sesli human grade dog blankets that will keep your dog snug in winter because we know that South African winters can be rather harsh.  To keep you and your dog happy, a Petsafe or DogMate dog door is highly recommended, so they can run in and out of the house for their wee’s or to bark at the neighbours dog.