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Acana Heritage Biologically Appropriate Dog Food for Senior Dogs of All Breeds

R71.00 - R1 235.00 incl. VAT

Acana Singles Pacific Pilchard Biologically Appropriate Dog Food Suitable for All Dog Breeds

R80.00 - R1 567.00 incl. VAT

Eukanuba Dog Food for Mature and Senior Small Breed dogs older than 7 years weighing less than 10 kg

R291.00 incl. VAT

Eukanuba Mature & Senior Lamb & Rice (All Breed)

R300.00 - R1 033.00 incl. VAT

Eukanuba Mature & Senior Large Breed

R1 006.00 incl. VAT

Eukanuba Mature and Senior Medium Breed Dog Food

R291.00 - R1 006.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Active Longevity Mature Adult Large Breed

R783.00 - R1 120.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Active Longevity Mature Adult Medium Breed

R303.00 - R783.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Active Longevity Mature Adult Medium Lamb and Rice

R844.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Active Longevity Mature Can

R31.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Active Longevity Mature Mini Breed

R303.00 - R626.00 incl. VAT

Hill’s Canine Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Chicken and Vegetable Stew

R39.00 incl. VAT

As your dog enters the twilight years of her life, the food you feed your dog and thus the nutrition her body receives is still vital as it plays a pivotal role in prolonging your dog’s life in good health. Dog food that is made specifically for mature and senior dogs is generally lower in calories, higher in fiber and still has the correct amount of protein and fats to give your old dog’s body the specific support it needs as your dog goes through the aging process.

A mature dog is a dog that is over the age of 7 years and it is important to take note of your dog’s specific condition and ensure that your provide any other additional supplements or necessities that your dog may need in this phase of her life. At this age your dog may be prone to more medical conditions and diseases which could be caused by a number of factors generally related to the aging process.

Feeding your dog high quality nutrition throughout her life will put her in good stead for this phase of her life but now is definitely not the time to stop feeding the quality nutrition she deserves. Shop our range of premium and super premium dog food options made specifically with your old dog in mind.

*Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging of the mature and senior dog food that you buy for your dog. Different brands and variations of food may have different feeding amounts and guidelines. If you change your dog’s diet from one mature or senior food to another, it is recommended that you gradually introduce the new food mixed in with his old food until you have completely switched over to a bowl of the new mature adult dog food only.