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As is the case with humans, your dog will not survive long without drinking water. Whilst providing your dog water in a bowl can be a sufficient method, it requires effort and consistency from you and there is no guarantee how long the water will stay fresh and clean.

Drinking fountains offer you and your dog a range of benefits. Some drinking fountains keep the water flowing and will filter the water as it passes through the system. If some dirt or leaves were to blow into your dog’s water bowl in the morning it may stay in there all day, but with a drinking fountain, the dirt could be filtered out of your dog’s water and your dog would still have fresh flowing water for the rest of the day.

Dog water fountains are also much bigger than the average water bowl, making them very effective for families with a number of dogs as well as ensuring that your dogs will still have enough water even if you are away from the home for an extended period of time.

Find the correct drinking fountain to help ensure your dog gets to have fresh water all the time, which helps keep him happy and healthy.