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Dog’s will be dog’s and if it was up to them, meal time would be all the time. Often times the excitement of the meal arriving means all ‘table manners’ go out the window and your dog thinks it’s a race to see how quickly the food can be wolfed down. This could present some health risks for your dog and the amount you feed your dog as well as how quickly it is eaten should be controlled as much as possible.

Pet Hero stocks a range of nifty feeders that come in all different shapes and sizes which effectively makes eating slightly more difficult for your dog. The result is that he or she is forced to eat much slower and take smaller mouthfuls which is far healthier and prolongs the excitement and enjoyment of mealtime.

Beyond the rush of getting the food down, the amount you feed your dog should also be considered and controlled. It is better to feed your dog more than once a day but it can often happen that your dog’s ideal meal times and requirements do not fit in with our busy schedules and routines. Get your dog a meal feeder that opens at certain times. Effectively you put the full amount of food down, if it was just in a bowl your dog would eat it all in one go, but with the timed feeder, your dog will only be able to eat a little bit at a time. These feeders can also be used if you are going away for a short trip and your dogs will be home. Rest assured your dogs can still be well, and accurately, fed.