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A lot of thought goes into the food that you feed your dog, but an area that is often overlooked is how you feed your dog. Many dog owners think a dog bowl is a dog bowl however that is not the case and this is true for both food and water bowls.

There are many considerations in finding the right bowls for your dog and your home:

The starting point for your dog’s bowl should be the size. Be sure to provide a bigger bowl for large breed dogs than you would to a small breed dog. This allows your dog to get their mouth/jaw into the bowl properly which enables them to eat or drink naturally and comfortably.

Another big difference between bowls is the material they are made of. Some dogs prefer plastic bowls, whilst other dogs prefer stainless steel bowls. Some dogs even prefer a plastic bowl to eat out of and stainless steel bowl to drink out of.

These days, dogs have more accessories than ever and your dog’s bowls could be considered as part of the range of accessories. That means dog bowls are available in a range of different colours and patterns. Make sure your dog’s bowl makes a statement and is not an eyesore around the house.

You may encounter a number of specific challenges given the breed of your dog or other circumstances. You may not be the only one finding mealtime is a challenge and may find your solution in some of the bowls we stock that have been manufactured specifically to address these challenges in feeding your dogs. We offer bowls that help keep ants away from your dog’s food, bowls of different shapes for dog breeds with long ears, travel bowls and more.

If your dog eats too quickly, have a look at our range of feeders. Make sure your dog’s meal time is as enjoyable as possible by looking through our storage and usage category which may offer a feeding accessory that could change your dog’s eating habits for the better.