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Many families focus all their attention on selecting the right food for their dog and whilst it is very important to select the appropriate dog food, there is so much to consider beyond just the food your dog will eat.

When it comes to the bowl your dog will eat the specially chosen food out of, it is definitely not a case of one size fits all. Different dogs have differently shaped snouts and require different amounts of dog food at a time. Be sure to feed your dog from a bowl that suits his or her specific needs. Once you have the needs taken care of, why settle for the plain old traditional bowl? Find the bowl that suits your dog’s style with different colours, patterns and features across our range of dog bowls.

Many dogs eat their food far too quickly for their own good which could put them at risk. If your dog happens to be one such dog who gets a little too excited for his food and gobbles it down in a flash, shop our range of feeders which are designed to make it much more difficult for your dog to get a whole mouthful of food, forcing your dog to eat slower.

Buying your dog’s food in bulk offers great convenience and can often work out cheaper, however it raises the challenge of how to keep all of the food fresh once it has been opened. Keep dry pellets in a sealed container and make sure your cans and other wet food products are well sealed between meals.

Your dog’s appetite for water is much like yours, one has to be really desperate to start drinking dirty water. Give your dog the luxury of fresh water all the time with our range of drinking fountains which will make sure your dog never runs out of fresh water even if you are away from home for a little while.