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Clothing is not just for humans anymore, make sure you find the right outfit for your dog, from the everyday doggy look, keeping warm through the cold winter months or dressing up for the special doggy occasions. As you would for yourself, make sure your dog is dressed appropriately and dressed to impress. Dog fashion is here to stay, with dogs looking more stylish in their tailored outfits, than they have ever looked before.

Some say you only look as good as you feel, what if dogs only feel as good as they look? Give your dogs the outfits to make them shine and express their personality for all to see. Shop our range of dog outfits designed to make your dog look and feel their absolute best, particularly for dogs that love being pampered and love to have the human attention focused firmly on them.

Beyond the outfits that make a statement, we provide a range of apparel items for your dog that serve a very functional purpose even if they do happen to look real good too:  Some dog’s feel the winter cold just as much as we do (particularly short-haired dogs), so give your dog a chance to beat the cold by buying them a jersey. Shop our wide range of dog winter jerseys available in various colours, sizes, patterns and thickness making sure your dog can feel happy, comfortable, warm and loved all year round.

Keep an eye out for other specific apparel items designed to offer support and relief for specific situations such as our dog life jackets and our dog thunder shirts.