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Afrivet Copronat Natural Food Supplement – Prevents Dogs Eating Faeces and Helps Ease Flatulence in Dogs

R441.00 incl. VAT

Bayer Calsup Powder – Calcium and Vitamin Supplement for Dogs and Cats

R292.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Cani-Cal Calcium Supplement Powder for Dogs

R117.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Cani-Vit General Dog Supplement Powder to Promote General Health

R117.00 - R1 710.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Gerivet Granules Nutritional Supplement for Ageing Dogs

R166.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Heptonic Nutritional Supplement for Dogs in Recovery from Disease

R64.00 - R2 237.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Nutrostim High Calorie Gel Boost for All Pets in Recovery

R75.00 incl. VAT

Kyron Pet Tabs Forte General Health Tablets for Cats and Dogs

R156.00 incl. VAT

Medpet Vita-Kelp Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Dogs and Cats

R115.00 - R203.00 incl. VAT

Regal Allergy Relief Remedy

R152.00 incl. VAT

Regal Everyday Vitality – Adult (Beef)

R137.00 incl. VAT

The Herbal Pet Cleansing Formula deworms and kills parasites on your dog and cat

R216.00 incl. VAT

Like humans, dogs also need some extra care.  Yes, feeding a healthy balanced diet is essential but your dog may need extra vitamins and minerals to prevent future health problems.  Many Veterinary diets do have all the vitamins and minerals in the kibble, there is no need to supplement but in some cases just a little extra help is needed in the form of vitamins and minerals through supplements. Vitamins and minerals are the key to helping your dog stay in peak condition.

Supplements can be used to provide your dog some extra support for specific conditions. Heptonic is a general tonic full of vitamins and minerals to help dogs in recovery from biliary or other debilitating disease. Beefee Powder and Tablets will help combat listlessness and loss of appetite. Pet Tabs Forte is another nutritional supplement for your dog, it will make him feel and look good.  A special sidekick supplement is ideal for bringing out the best in your dog.