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Help your dog to avoid pesky flies, insects and other irritants! Not only do flies aggravate your dog, they can cause nasty sores on their ears and noses and cause skin irritations. Protect your dog all year round using a range of gels, sprays and ointments and get rid of all those flies and insects.

Dogs can have a mind of their own and sometimes they chew on things or they trample on things that they shouldn’t. Some would say that your dog doesn’t know any better but it seems uncanny that it’s usually the most expensive items that are chewed or the most fragile areas that become your dog’s favourite. Pet Hero can help with a range of granules and sprays that help curb this behaviour. These dog deterrents release a citronella odour that humans hardly detect yet your dog can’t stand, thus he will avoid the areas or items that these repellents are used on.

If your dog has ever been injured before or if your dog gets a wound of sorts, you will soon find out how difficult it can be for a dog to leave their ailments alone. Excessive licking on the wound can remove stitches or make the wound worse and for most dogs, covering the wound with a bandage is not sufficient either. Applying some Avert bitter solution around the wound will work as a deterrent because the taste is so terrible if your dog were to lick it. This gives your dog’s wounds the chance to heal without being irritated further.

So, whatever it is that you need to repel from your dog or repel your dog from, Pet Hero has a product that will work for you and your dog, helping you both keep happy and sane.