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Your dog can be very curious, and this curiosity may lead to cuts, bruises and scrapes. If the top layer of the skin has been injured but the tissue under the skin is not disturbed, this is called a skin abrasion and if the abrasion is no longer than an inch long, you can treat it yourself. The wound needs to be treated otherwise it can lead to infection and expensive vet bills. Here at Pet Hero we have a few products that will make treating a little wound at home, easy.

Dermavet is an antiseptic wound healing cream which increases the speed of wound healing and F10 Germicidal Barrier ointment and Germicidal Barrier ointment with Insecticide will treat wounds and will stop reinfection and repel flies. Our First Aid Kit, has all the necessary items for you to clean and wrap the wound, this is perfect for around the house or when you go on your long walks together.