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Most cats love to eat, they may not eat all their food in one go but they enjoy nibbling constantly throughout the day. What happens however when your cat has eaten all the food for the day and still wants to nibble some more, if you feed your cats more, they are likely to become overweight very quickly. A delicious cat treat could just hit that spot and your cat will feel satisfied and of course showered with love by the tasty cat treats you provide.

A cat is not a cat if it is not fussy about what treats are tasty and what should not be touched. Be sure to try a range of treats if your cat turns up her nose at your first offering.

Cats have a fascinating relationship with catnip, seventy to eighty percent of cats have a reaction to catnip. The reaction ranges from cat to cat but if you could generally expect your cat to act all giddy and hyperactive, roll around, jump, play with and lick the catnip infused treat you give them. Once your cat eats the catnip treat you are likely to notice your cat acting a lot more calm and relaxed than usual. The reason for your cat’s reaction to catnip is the compound, nepetalactone which is in catnip. This compound is believed to mimic feline pheromones which trigger the reactions in your cat and make them love receiving catnip treats.

Your cat’s dental health is incredibly important and not all cats will let you get inside their mouth and give them a good brush with toothpaste. If your cat is one such cat, his or her dental health cannot be ignored. As with most cute things, the art of disguise could rescue this situation. Shop our range of dental treats that focus on your cat’s oral health. It is a win-win situation, your cat is happy to receive the treat and you are caring for their overall health and oral care. Please note however that these dental treats will not be a cure for any existing or major dental issues and you would have to visit your veterinarian should your cat develop such issues.

Make sure you don’t disappoint your cat by not having treats on hand when they come looking. Shop our range of cat treats to find your cat’s favourite and you will be sure to have your cat on your lap more often looking for the spoils he thinks he deserves all the time.