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Choosing the right cat toy can be a bit daunting, especially if you have just adopted a cat or kitten. You don’t know what toy they will like. There are toys stuffed with catnip, toys for solo playtime and toys for interactive sessions.  

Cats are hunters, so when it comes to play, the toy needs to resemble that of prey. The toy needs to move like something scurrying across the floor like a mouse, or waved in the air to mimic a bird.

Size, texture and weight of the toy will determine whether it is cat-approved or just ignored, make sure the toy is light enough to be batted a distance without any effort. Many cats like soft toys that can be grabbed and carried around the house in their mouths.  Interactive toys are fun for both you and your kitty, it will turn your furry couch potato into a flying superhero with just a little flick or your wrist. Cats like variety and enjoy different types of toys and interacting with them in a number of ways.

Catnip is an herb that cats cannot resist. Catnip is also known as catmint, catwort and field balm, no matter what size your cat is she just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Catnips allure is in its oil, the oil is found in catnip’s leaves, stems and seeds. All it takes for your cat to get her “high” is only one or two little sniffs.  

The effects of catnip only last for 10 minutes after this she will be back to normal. Catnip is non-addictive and safe for your cat to eat. Many cat toys are infused with catnip, like mice, balls, sticks or worms, they will get your sweet furball up and going, racing across the room, or just rolling all over the toy. Pet Hero has a selection of catnip infused toys that your cat is bound to love.

Interactive cat toys will let you and your cat share quality playtime fun and encourage your cat’s physical and mental wellbeing. Playing together increases the bond you have with your cat.

Interactive play is great for trust-building, helping two cats become friends, exercise, stress relief and the list goes on.

Wands or rods are a great way to interact with your cat. You can get your couch potato up and going in one little flick of the wrist and as you play you will also be having fun as your cat jumps and flies across the room. You will need to let her capture her prey a few times otherwise she will become disinterested. zaBird is an amazing interactive toy that sounds like a bird in flight, so your cat can practice her running, jumping, pouncing skills. Interactive toys allow your cat to get the exercise she needs, until she tires. Never allow your cat to play with interactive toys alone, especially if strings are involved.  

Shiny toys, like crinkle balls, are great if you live in a well-lit home. The light will bounce off the toy with the slightest movement, this can drive your cat wild.

Pet Hero offers you a range of cat toys, you will find a toy that will suit your cat, no matter what age she is.