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It’s when your cute little kitty brings out their claws, you can see how they are related to the king of the jungle, the lion. To wear down those claws and to keep your skin and your house from being ripped to shreds, you will do well to provide your cat with lots of specific toys and furniture designed for those claws to dig into.

Your cat will love the range of textures, from hard and tough ropes to soft cardboard designed to be ripped up. Keep your cat entertained as well as keeping the claws in check with our range of cat toys. The running, jumping, playing and scratching actions will file down those razor-sharp claws to a more bearable level.

Cats are the most demanding members of the family and often require their own pieces of furniture. This special cat furniture is designed with your cat in mind, with high surfaces perfect for a cat nap, hard wearing elements for a good scratch and many have dangling toys too, to keep your cat entertained. Shop our range of small cat furniture options. Should you require a bigger or specific piece of cat furniture, get in touch with us and we will source it for you.