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Natural as it is, your cat’s toilet time is more awkward than for any other animal as cats tend to think of themselves as superior to every other species. Giving your cat the opportunity to deal with going to the toilet in a dignified way can do wonders for your cat, for yourself and for your relationship in general. When done correctly, cats will do most of the cleaning up after themselves unlike their canine counterparts.

The first item on the list of taking care of your cat’s toilet time is a litter tray. Whilst the litter itself is important, it would be all over the place and ineffective if it wasn’t for the actual tray. Some cats prefer more than one litter tray, giving them options around the house depending on where they may be when nature calls. Simple as they are, our litter trays are available online in a range of colours.

Once you have chosen your cat’s litter tray, you need to fill it with the litter that your cat prefers. Given the sensitivity of the issue at hand, it is important to make the right choice of cat litter. The most common form of cat litter is clumping litter, it is closest to your cat’s natural litter which is sand. This litter clumps up when it gets moist through your cat’s use of the toilet system and makes the clumps easy to discard after use of the litter. Some cats and cat owners prefer to use cat litter crystals which is more absorbent of liquids and is often scented which masks any unwanted smells from your cat’s used litter and litter tray.

Whilst cats are usually gracious enough to cover up their business, that does not mean it is the end of the road. The used litter needs to be scooped out of the litter tray and disposed of. Having to get in there and remove it all by hand is not the best or most hygienic option so be sure to get yourself a litter scoop to make dealing with the cat’s business that much more dignified.

The more cats you have or the more their litter tray and toilet setup is used, the more likely it is that the litter will exude some rather unpleasant smells. This is an area where proactive treatment can save the household a lot of upturned noses, simply make use of our powders or sprays that help cover up the unpleasant smells and rather extreme a much more pleasant odour around your house.

For the shy cat, there is also an enclosed toilet available. This option has a flap door that your cat can slyly slip through and do his business. The covered surrounds will keep him out of sight while doing his business and will keep the smells enclosed more so than with an open litter tray.

Nothing could be worse for a cat hero than not having a place to go, keep your little hero’s dignity intact by providing the necessary litter options.