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Cats are nocturnal creatures, as much as they sleep all day, they are active all night. For a cat that gets locked in at night this could present several problems which could ultimately leave both you and your cat very frustrated.

We know that not every cat and not every household has the luxury of being able to leave a window or a door open to let your cat roam free at night. Leaving a sliding door or a big window open could present security risks for you and your family and even leaving a little window open can be bitterly cold particularly during winter. Yet, keeping an active cat locked inside is also not ideal as they play and mess around in the house, they could make all sorts of noises that wake you up and prevent you from having a good night’s rest.

Luckily, there is a solution to all the difficulties above. Get yourself a cat door. Once your cat door is installed and your cat has been trained or has figured out how to use the door, you will wish you had bought it sooner. The flap is small enough for only your cat to slip through and closes itself after use. Best of all for both you and your cat, it gives your cat the opportunity to explore and burn up their energy during the night, leaving you to rest peacefully.

Our options for cat doors range from simple plastic flaps to more technologically equipped gadgets that will only open for your specific cat, adding an extra layer of protection and keeping out other unwanted cats.

Installing the cat door that is right for you and your family will offer the best of both worlds, making sure that your safety and sanity is maintained and your cat gets to remain healthy and active.