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Cats are known to be sleepy and lazy. Given the right level of comfort, a full belly and the right cosy spot, your cat could pretty much sleep all day. In a cat’s world, a warm and comfortable bed is equivalent to a throne.

Shop our range of beds to find the one that is perfect for your cat’s taste and required comfort level. From different sized cat beds in different colours to thicker cat beds and even cat pods which your cat can slip into and enjoy some rest in the dark even though they sleep all day.

Given the amount of time cat’s spend curled up, they become quite attached to the bed they sleep in. An added benefit of giving your cats their own beds is that the bed catches the loose hairs that would otherwise be all over the couch or the carpet or your clothes. It is much easier to move and clean the flexible little cat bed than the sofa that seats a whole family.

A major part of your cat’s comfort level is their warmth while they sleep, offer your cat a blanket to keep extra warm and cosy, particularly during the cold winter months.

Once you have picked out the right bed and blanket for your cat, you will see exactly where the term cat nap comes from and how peaceful it can be.