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Home is the place to kick off your shoes and relax. Your cat spends almost all their time at home and would love to have some of those same comforts. Some of the household cat items are necessary for your home to remain a peaceful place for you whilst others transform your home into a more comfortable place for your cat.

Sleep is a massive part of your cat’s life, on average 15 hours a day. Give your cat a nice comfy bed and blanket that fits in with the decor of your home as well as provides all the warmth and cosiness your cat needs to sleep the day away.

As much as your cat loves your home, everyone needs a bit of a release. Most cats sleep through the day and are active at night. Given that this is opposite to most people’s lifestyles, it brings about a few challenges as to where and what your cat can access. Find yourself a cat door that will give your cat the freedom he needs to remain healthy and active and that will help you to keep your sanity not having your cat making a noise inside while you try sleep.

Cats are far more dignified than their canine counterparts and that is particularly true when it comes to doing their business. Give your cat their favourite type of cat litter and the toilet setup they prefer. Also shop our range of litter accessories that will help you dispose of your cat’s mess as well as prevent the unwanted smells from stinking out your whole house.

Help your cat take care of their sharp claws and help yourself in the process. Shop our range of toys and small furniture items designed for your cat to sink his claws into and have lots of fun whilst filing down those claws at the same time.

Home is where the cat is and your cat will thank you for getting them some of these cat household items to make their home a palace.