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A clean cat is a happy cat, although cats rarely need a bath since they clean themselves, sometimes it does come to the point where you have to intervene and give her a bath yourself. When the time comes for you to bath your cat, you may need special cat shampoo and products.

Give your cat a coat that will make her stand out in a crowd with top rated cat shampoos from brands like Kyron, Virbac and Ultrum. Just like human hair care products, cat shampoos come in a variety of formulas created to address specific issues that your cat may have. Kyron offers a de-tangling solution in Purl Advanced De-Tangling Shampoo and Purl Advanced Hypo-Allergenic will aid your cat to have healthier and less sensitive skin, causing minimal irritation. Virbac’s Epi-Soothe is a soap-free shampoo and contains natural oat-grain derivatives that will soothe dry skin and control itching and scratching. These are only a few of the cat shampoos to mention.

Pet Hero also stocks deodorisers for those times when your cat’s odour needs some freshening up. It just takes a spray or two of the cat deodoriser the unpleasant smells will be gone.