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Kittens are only weaned from about the age of 4 weeks, that is when mom pushes them away and they need to be put onto a solid diet. With all the special foods on the market, feeding a kitten has become very easy, no more worrying about supplements, as everything they need is in the diet already. It is important to feed your kitten on a good nutritious diet made from high quality ingredients for the first year of her life, this way she will get all the goodness her little body needs to grow into a big and strong adult.

If you find an orphaned kitten, Royal Canin BabyCat Milk and Kyron’s Kitty Milk are milk replacer so your little orphan can get the same nutrients as if mom was feeding her. Feeding them milk replacers will come to an end as they turn 3 weeks of age, Hill’s Science Plan kitten 1st Nutrition Mousse and Royal Canin BabyCat Instinctive mousse are smooth enough for them to start lapping it up. Royal Canin also has Mother and BabyCat dry pellets that can be fed from 4 to 12 weeks of age. These foods will give the kitten’s immune system a big boost and will also be very gentle on their tummies. As your little one reaches the second phase of kittenhood any high-quality Kitten food will be her diet until she turns 1 years of age.

Most of the kitten foods can be fed from the age of 4 weeks of age. At Pet Hero all the kitten foods have high quality ingredients, to give your little one a good head start in life.